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Hi Friends!

Let me introduce myself to those who do not know me well.  Yes, I am a writer who dabbles across several genres.  My passion for writing is so strong that I acknowledge it as “a divine calling.”  From this statement you can deduce that I am a very spiritual-minded person, a fact that is often reflected in my writings and musings.  I went through a period of silent years.  My pen and key strokes were mute when I was busy raising my children and giving them my primary attention.  Now, they are older and largely independent, so I can pay attention to my other children—the words which flow from my pen.

As a writer, my views are thoughtful and often cloaked in reflection of the scriptures.  Today, as I observe the world, I am saddened that morality is going the way of the dinosaur, and the imagination of man’s heart grows more evil by the minute.  It is my intention to bring glory to God in all that I do and say.  Therefore, from time-to-time, I will remind us of the gospel message.

I want my voice to be a beacon of hope and to remind myself and others that people the world over can be better.  I want my writings to extol the beauty of mankind when we are thoughtful and kind to one another.  We can laugh together—not at one another.  We can share—not be overcome with greed.  We can love and stamp out the ravages of hate.  These are my clarion calls, my legacy as a writer.  Alas!  The left notes are all here for the sharing and to help make the world a better place.

My life has always been full, so let me give you a little insight on what has kept me busy.  As previously stated, I am a spiritual-minded person; therefore, many of my activities tread along this path.  I am heavily involved in church work and ministries outside of the church.   I have ministered as a licensed missionary and evangelist, Sunday school teacher, and bible class facilitator.  I attend church services and prayer luncheons, conduct revivals, counsel teens and adults, and teach training classes.

I appear and/or speak at special events, both church and community-related affairs.  Last year during one of my community involvements, my poetry reading was caught on camera and aired on Channel 4 News.  Most recently, I read some of my poetry on open mic and appeared on a writers panel at the I WANT TO WRITE! conference and workshop for writers and aspiring writers at Tennessee State University—a weekend event whose sponsorship was shared by the University and Southern Word, Inc.  Another community activity has been my involvement with neighborhood children bible-study groups.

From time-to-time I sharpen my skills as a wordsmith by associating with others of like mind.  Therefore, in the past I have been a member of such organizations as Rose of Sharon Writers Guild and Voice of the Heart Writers Guild.  Currently, I am active in the Covenant Ministry’s Writers Workshop.  These organizations have become a part of me and I of them.  I have attended publication workshops for the expressed purpose of honing my knowledge of publishing.

Speaking of publishing, I look forward to some upcoming publications of my own:  Last Rites, My Years of Wonder, When Sadness Calls, The Pirate (a three-book series), and Road of Righteousness (a four-book series).

When I began writing, my primary focus was poetry.  I took (and still do take) great pleasure in writing verse.  I enjoyed writing poetry for special occasions—birthday, anniversary, memorial, special achievement, and so on.  However, I have since cast my net to include other genres.  My recent foray into technology has me writing posts, keeping a blog, and writing on Facebook.

My interest in the clean, moral, and spiritual development of children has me writing to and for children of all ages—especially teens, since I now have teenagers in my household.  I write short stories that address current-day issues that youngsters confront.  Even now as I write, there is a novel brewing in my head.

I have written books for the American Baptist Publishing Board and Sunday school lessons for the church of God in Christ.  My greeting card project is in the works.  I have a line of inspirational and sympathy cards.  Too, I have a Christmas card line.  I continue to add to the cards project.  So you see, I manage to stay busy, busy, busy!

In addition to all of my other involvements, I am a strong believer in making contributions to the community.  In the past I have been an active participant in the King Temple Helping Hand Neighborhood Day.  This was a neighborhood project sponsored by an ordinary citizen with a big heart.  Throughout the year she saw that people in need received food, clothes, and information that would make their lives better.

At Christmas time, children would receive toys and other goodies to make the holiday special for them and their families.  Moreover, when I was employed at the Nashville Rescue Mission, I regarded this job as a special ministry.  I saw my work as a counselor as a golden opportunity to assist persons who were in much need of help.  How satisfying to do the will of God—to make others’ lives better—and get paid for doing what you love!

Well, Friends, now you are better acquainted with me.  Let’s see.  What else do I have to share with you?  Oh, yes.  I am a graduate of Tennessee State University.  My first concentration is in English, and the second, sociology.  Also I have accumulated 18 credit hours in education.  When I look back over my life and see how I have lived it, English, sociology, and education have been the perfect professional marriage for me.

Since I am writing this introduction as though we are speaking face-to-face, I must say that I have taken up much of your time.  But I have enjoyed every minute of this somewhat “one-sided” conversation.  But this message is not the end of our association.  I look forward to conversing with you again.  Bye for now!

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