Pure Beginnings


Dear Friends and my Readers:

My passion is writing! You probably have heard the sage advice: choose a profession that you would do for free—or get paid little. This explains my passion for writing. It is in itself rewarding to locate within myself the artistic capacity to engage the minds of readers.

My name? Bertiste Garrett, and this is my legacy.

I’ve subtitled this Website, “The Writer’s Place,” because as easy as it is to breathe, it is for me to journal pose, and story, that come from fits of my imagination. It is this place in part that my soul can reach others and impart to them depths of reason. This is the point for which I am bridge to comfort and fellowship, and peace. The journal in itself is the place for which writers, authors, and poets excel—for which we live and breath. Among my journalings’ lay layers of my life.

I look forward to sharing these bits, pieces of taught, lessons learned. Lessons I experienced are akin to note. My WRITE’ in total is the spin of thought from godly inspiration intertwined and settled in mission-minded purpose. I write all of the time. The morning air and the moon-be breeze of night bring poetic thrust, and prophetic verse. Since I never know when inspiration will erupt, I keep writing paraphernalia with me at all times. I am always prepared to use my left-hand to jot down ideas as they come. For me, inspiration comes all times of the day and night. This is fundamentally the writer’s point of entry; “The Writer’s Place.”

Sometimes I awake out of a nod because I see visions or hear words that mustn’t be forgotten. My journal expresses matters of LIFE—mine and others.

This journal records life experiences, philosophical musings, battles of conscience, personal and spiritual growth—brick notes that sharpen my aim and eagerness to develop a loud voice within the writing sphere.

As Sojourner Truth left the people she met with hope, I leave as my legacy to you—my journals.

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