Left Notes


A Note on Being Left-Handed
Curse or Gift of Genius?

Oh, the blessed eminence of the left-hander!

Such person’s in yesteryear’s school of thought were displaced at distant relevance, and their intellect was misjudged. But times have changed.

Good news!

Now left-handedness is perceived as a sign of giftedness. If you are a southpaw you have been awesomely made. Are you different? Yes. Are you special? Of course. Here’s to lefties!

It occurs to me that the left-handed person has an eloquence, inquisitiveness, and electrifying intuitive sense that gapes in distance in craftsmanship and professions beyond others.

Lefties know that you are blessed and forever note worthy!If you know persons who are gifted-left, examine their affinity for achievement. At times their genius is obscured by the box. However, left-handers have a tendency to think outside the box. Many of their ideas are abstract.

Look at the remarkable abilities and achievements of southpaws such as Oprah Winfrey, President Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Henry Ford, Sir Isaac Newton, William Faulkner, Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, and so many others. Look at their contributions to the world!

Their genius became known at the unfolding of the left hand!

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