Rejoice for Our Heads are Still above Water



Hi, friends! I am Bertiste Garrett and I have adopted the pen name A’int B. From time to time I have a light bulb moment, that is, I have a thought that strikes me, and it is enlightening one way or the other. For example, while surfing the internet the other day I stumbled upon Jason de Caires Taylor’s underwater sculptures in Grenada’s Molinere Bay. The exquisite Mt. Rushmore-like design and other dynamic sculptures honor fallen African slaves who sought freedom in a watery grave or were jettisoned overboard the slave ship for one reason or another. As I examined the sculptures, the thought came to me,

“Life is hard but our heads are still above water!”

Taylor’s work is a reminder, less we forget from where God has brought us. In the distant past God brought our ancestors through hell and high water.

Wake up! Look! Weep, if you must! As He did the Israelites, God has brought African Americans from a mighty, mighty long way!

The testament of the underwater images engraved in time’s portals teaches some and reminds others that despite the disenfranchisement and the countless injustices and wrongs that have been done to black people across centuries, God is with us, for our heads are still above water.

As time permits I will share with you other light bulb moments as they come to me. Bye for now.

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