Time’s Passage


Ain’t B’s Light Bulb Moment

I just had a light bulb moment about Time! The thought:  Beware of Time’s chambers.

Picture of stair for time chambers post looks like times staircase

Tomorrow is locked in secret—Time’s secret chamber.  Of tomorrow’s events no one on earth can unveil. However, we have been given this day, the sequence that follows yesterday. Today, Time’s chamber is an open door—a door of opportunity.  This day God has placed on your life calendar. And for all of us, it can be the DAY OF SALVATION. For written in Hebrews 3:15 are these words: “Today, if you will hear His voice, do not harden your hearts.” To those who view this message, God is speaking. Don’t ignore Him. Get your house in order.  Get your affairs straight, for the onset of night (eternity) takes many unaware. Rest not until your life is right with God. For beloved, I warn you.  Beware, the night comes to claim its dead—whether the one closing eyes in death is ready or not.  When Time locks you in its death chamber, you have reached the end of second chances and reached the point of no return.


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