Ain’t B’s Morehouse Moment


Oh, how my mind lights up when I think of the grand possibilities of the young African-American male. God made you POWERFUL!

Sons, there will be no glass ceilings for you if the drive you put in moving forward were equal to the energy you put into falling behind, gaming, romancing, and gang entanglement. If you drop the loser’s shackles and redirect your focus, there will be no level of success for you that is unattainable.

Let God give you a vision, my African-American sons.

Then put forth the energy to make that vision, that dream, become a reality.

Please look at the video above and be AMAZED.

May the traditions of pride, hard work, confidence, and achievement that earmark Morehouse men become deeply rooted in you. African American men, internalize this creed; stretch to become what you are capable of becoming, and catapult yourself to achieve great dreams.

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