Imagine Your Game,Lil Bruh, If Your Pants Gave Your Butt A Hug!



Ain’t B’ just had a Light Bulb Moment!

One picture can say a thousand words.  I was reminded of this thought:  “It’s not where you COME from but where you’re GOING.  When we reflect on the runner, it is not how amazingly fast one darts out of the starting block, but it is where one is headed and whether the runner endures the distance.

This is not Kingdom attire.  You are young Princes.  This is not exactly the wear or look of royalty! 

You must dress and act like someone who is up and coming. Young people, take this bit of advice: Go in the right direction, pace yourself, and finish strong. 

Plan your work and work your plan.  

Develop your talents through getting a college education. Challenging one self to accomplish a dream will put joy in that individual’s Christian race.  

Keep God in your foresight rather than your hindsight. With His vision and hand on your life, nothing can defeat you. 

A scripture to meditate upon is found in Galatians 5:7 (KJV)—“Ye did run well…” Therefore, do what it takes to run well.

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