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  • Readers for children with companion story guide
  • Jewels of Faith (inspirational thoughts)
  • Christian CD’s and music videos
  • Greeting cards
  • Ain’t B’s Notes
  • AGEM T-shirts

AGEM is focused on training youth to be God-fearing, respectful, confident, educated, smart, and saavy, accomplishment that can be achieved through the programs planned exclusively for youngsters.

  • Ain’t B’s online tutorials (character and academic training)
  • Ain’t B’s Library & Reading Room
  • Children’s Theater
  • Praise-Dance Academy
  • Program for the Arts
  • Community Youth Choir
  • Youth Camp
  • Summer Youth Programs

AGEM addresses the needs of adults, as well.  These programs are flexible, and they meet the needs of parents, couples, singles, working and non-working adults.

  • Self-Help Programs
  • Tutorials for Adults
  • Counseling
  • Seminars

Finally, AGEM teaches, encourages, and gently guides youth and adults toward becoming the best they can be through knowledge of God’s will for our lives, through Christian discipline, and through an ever-growing faith.  AGEM—jewels that will endure.  We’re here for life!


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